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Expert Well Pump Service & Repair in Northern Virginia

Importance of Proper Well Pump Servicing

If your home is on well water, your well pump is working hard to pump water from the well up and into your home. Ensuring proper maintenance is crucial for maintaining the life and efficiency of your well pump. Turn to our experienced professionals to ensure your well pump is in proper working order.

When you need a fast response for well pump repairs, turn to Potomac
Plumbing & Gas. Call us to schedule an appointment; we’re here to help you keep your property safe.

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Common Well Pump Issues

Some signs that your well pump may be malfunctioning are: no water in your home, a weird smell or discoloration in your water, low water pressure, inconsistent water flow or “spitting” from the faucet, or your well pump is running constantly. Contact us for a thorough evaluation and to know your options for your well-pump.

If your well pump is constantly running, it could mean a leak somewhere else in your home or with one of your other plumbing fixtures. A thorough evaluation and diagnosis by one of our trained technicians will walk you through what the issue is and what the options are for getting you back to efficient running water quickly and safely.

What Does the Average Well Pump Repair or Replacement Cost?

No well is the same; therefore, there is no universal cost for repair work. The price you pay ultimately depends on the location of the problem and the extent of the damage. No matter what well pump issue you are dealing with, Potomac Plumbing & Gas strives to give you top quality service. Our team ensures that you know the cost of the service before we perform work, minimizing surprises so you know what to expect.

Our technicians have extensive experience handling complex well pump issues. We promise transparent, upfront pricing when you schedule an appointment.


Year-Round Well Pump Services in Gainesville

Getting reliable well pump repairs shouldn’t be a
challenge. Our family-owned business makes it easy to repair and maintain your systems easily with our year-round services. You can trust us to protect your home and give you peace of mind.


Working on a well pump can be dangerous and directly impacts all of the water coming into your home. You want to be careful that anyone working on such an important part of your home is fully licensed and insured like Potomac Plumbing & Gas. The safety of our customers and our employees is our highest priority, and we provide top-level warranties on our work so you have less to worry about if something goes wrong in the future.

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